Automatic Gates

DKN Services Ltd specialises in the manufacture and installation of estate fencing, metal railings and gates, including automatic gates with a choice of control panels. In addition we can provide specialist fabrication work for companies and builders.
Automated gates can provide security whilst retaining easy access for residents.

DKN Services Ltd have approved CAMESAFE  Installer status.

CAMESAFE is a government recognised training centre, where applicants are trained and instructed on gate safety and are required to sit a 2 day, 10 module examination and pass at 85% or higher in order to be ceritifed and accredited as a CAMESAFE company. companies must sit and pass the examination every 2 years to acquire or maintain ceritifed and accredited status.

We are able to manufacture to a specific size and install gates with various types of automation.

We use “Came” automation products are which include an underground “frog” where all the mechanics are out of sight with just the service plate being visible. Also available are systems where the mechanism and gear motors are fitted to the support post and rear of the gates.

Opening and closing mechanisms available include keypads, remote controlled fobs, induction loops and light beams. These can be supplemented by wired or wireless intercom systems.

As can be seen from the photos, both metal and wooden gates are available.

If you are considering automatic gates we suggest you contact us to discuss your requirements as the type of gate and automation mechanism will be affected by where and how they are to be fixed to buildings and posts.


Automated gate Installers, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge
Automated gate Installers, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge
Automated gate Installers, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge
We cover Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and the immediate surrounding areas. Contact us for more details.

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